How to curb Lateness in the starting of Musical Events in Nigeria

How to curb Lateness in Musical Events in Nigeria

Lateness in starting musical events in the Nigerian music industry is a thing that is worrisome and it is getting worse by the day.

African timing has been a menace that plagues our events in Nigeria for years but recently we have started to get it right in some major events but the music industry seems to still be backward on this.

There have been reports of shows headlined by several artistes starting way later than the advertised time and this has been going on for years in the music industry.

Music artistes come late for shows without any reason and what makes this more painful is the fact that these same artistes grace the stage of shows early when the show is organized abroad but once it is in Nigeria they come late without any good reason.

Recently, Simi showed up for her ‘Simi Live’ concert that was held on December 9th, 2018 later than expected and although she claimed it was due to some logistics issue with the event center. The fact still remains this shouldn’t be the case in a show that has been planned weeks before the event.

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Wizkid, on the other hand, is an unapologetic latecomer to concerts organized in Nigeria. In his ‘Wizkid VIP Experience’ concert that held on the 19th of December 2018, Wizkid who is the headliner for the show that was supposed to start by 7 PM didn’t show up till over 5 hours after. Wizkid is known to be a chronic late comer to events and in some cases, he doesn’t even show up for some.

Simi and Wizkid are not the only artistes guilty of this habit but mostly all the artiste referred to as the ‘New School’ Artiste, this was not the case in the era before this new set of artistes.

Lateness in the starting of an events is not exclusive to music artiste alone but to Award shows as well. Several award shows start later than the time advertised and a very recent example of this is the 2018 Headies.

How and who can stop this menace plaguing the music industry?


Show sponsors are the most important part of an organized event and they can make some demands from the artiste before agreeing to sponsor his/her show. Concert are sponsored by brands and in a way, the show sponsored by a brand says much about the brand. The brand can make punctuality a part of the terms before the agreement of sponsorship.

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Event Organizers

The brain behind most events are the event organizers. They are the ones that get the job done behind the scene. They can also make sure artiste show up for the event early by making adequate plans before and on the day of the event. In the case of Simi, the delay might be as a result of bad planning for her concert.

Artiste Manager

Artiste managers are the ones who find and book events and also advise the artiste on some career decisions. Lateness to events doesn’t speak well of artistes and their managers should be able to help them by telling them the negative effect of showing up late for events. Since they are also in charge of booking of events they should be able to know the best time for the artiste to perform to curb lateness.

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Musical concert and award shows are mostly organized for the amusement of music lovers and if the fans are not pleased with the way things are handled in terms of punctuality then they can call the artiste and show organizers out for their incompetence.


Even though all the above mentioned can have effects on the punctuality of artistes at an event the major players that can really implement the said change are the artistes. Artistes have to realize that they are not bigger than their home fans. If they can headline shows abroad punctually then they can do it locally too.

There you have it, some of the major players in the Nigerian music industry that can curb the lateness in the starting of musical shows.

Do you think there is still a player not mentioned above? Comment below.

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