Is Jimi Agbaje ready to Free Lagos?

Is Jimi Agbaje ready to Free Lagos?

Jimi Agbaje is the gubernatorial candidate of the People’s Democratic Party in Lagos state in the forthcoming election and his campaign slogan is ‘Free Lagos’.

According to him, Lagos has been under the control of some very few people which has kept the state from moving forward as it is supposed to.

The slogan is a good way appeal to the over 6 million voters in Lagos due to the way the affairs of the state is being handled and some reports of godfatherism in the state.

However, Jimi is not free from criticism himself as some Lagosians are wary of his motive since he was absent from the political scene for over 3 years after losing the gubernatorial election in 2015. According to some of his critics, Jimi should have been active even after losing the elections, they believed he should have engaged Lagosians more and not just show up when it is time for primaries.

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This is the fourth-time Agbaje is contesting for the governorship elections and he has lost 3 times consecutively. Once the elections are over Jimi is barely active till it is time for elections again.

Another aspect in which Jimi Agbaje’s determination is questionable is with his campaign. Jimi Agbaje is the main opposition of the ruling party, All Progressive Congress (APC) which has dominated the state since 1999 and the campaign of Babajide Sanwo-Olu which is the candidate of APC is louder than that of Jimi.

Jimi had complained of the vandalism of his posters and billboard by thugs in the state, some of them were even arrested while perpetuating the act. Jimi can still use some other platforms to pass his message and engage the people more.

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Competing against a party that has dominated the state for 20 years is not an easy task and even though this is the best and possibly last chance for Jimi Agbaje to rule in the state he needs to do more than he has been doing.

Jimi needs to engage the masses in a more dynamic way. He needs to hire volunteers who can get door-to-door campaigns in the state. He needs to do his assignment right this time if truly he wants to free Lagos.


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