The Cryptic Message Aisha Buhari is Passing Across to Nigerians

The Cryptic Message Aisha Buhari is passing across to Nigerians

The first lady of Nigeria, Aisha Buhari has openly criticized her husband, President Muhammadu Buhari severally in the past but her recent criticism was well detailed.

One of the things that can be deduced from all her criticism is the fact that president Buhari is not in charge of his government. In her latest revelation, she claimed that there are 2 people who are in charge of her husband’s government.

The message she is passing to Nigerians might seem simple but its meaning is broad. If the wife of the president is publicly claiming that her husband is not the one running the affairs of the country then there are a lot of messages she is trying to pass. Let’s take a look at some of them.

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Firstly, for the wife to publicly undermine the president it means she has tried cautioning her husband privately but he won’t budge. This means that President Buhari and Aisha Buhari are not on good terms at home.

Secondly, for the wife to disclose that her husband is not in charge of the country it means that President Buhari is just a figurehead in his administration. No one is closer to President Buhari than his wife and if his wife can publicly declare that he is not in charge then it is clear he is not in charge.

Thirdly, Aisha Buhari understands clearly the implications of her criticism and for her to do it continually then it means she has lost confidence in her husband’s government.

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Fourthly, for her to keep repeating the message tbe message few months to the election knowing full well that her husband is seeking re-election then she might be telling Nigerians to look the other way in the forthcoming election.

Lastly, the first lady might be trying to get her husband to do the right thing by showing him that she has a voice and knowing how powerful her voice is she might be able to get some top officials of her husband party, APC, to correct her husband before things get worse.

Although President Buhari has countered his wife severally for her criticism, Aisha wouldn’t yield to her husband instead she continued speaking against the way her husband’s administration is handling the affairs of the country.

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The message Aisha Buhari is passing across to Nigerians can be summarized to be that she is not happy with the way her husband is running the country and maybe she had high expectations like most Nigerians before the 2015 elections but she is now disappointed in the way things have turned out since her husband resumed office.

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