The Effect of Internet Frauds on Nigerians

The Effect of Internet Fraudsters on Nigerians

Internet fraud popularly called ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ has been a way of life of several Nigerian youths in recent times.

A lot of Nigerian youth engaged in this fraudulent acts in order to make fast money, live the flashy life and oppress their pairs.

Despite several caution and arrest of perpetrators by Law agency, Internet fraud keeps increasing in the country and lately there has been a spike in the number of ritualist pretending to be Internet fraudsters.

While some youths blame the Nigerian system for their evil act many fail to realize that this devilish act is affecting every Nigerian directly or indirectly.

Some of the effects this ugly act have on citizens of Nigerians are:

Police Harassment

Youth in Nigeria who get their money from legitimate incomes are been harassed by police officers because it is hard to differentiate the fraudsters and the legitimate hustlers. Some ICT officers like programmers or graphic designer hardly move around with their laptop and this is because of harassment by corrupt police officers. There have been several cases of police brutality against innocent youth especially before the disbanding of the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad known as SARS.

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One of the characteristics of this set of people is oppressing others especially the ones that are hustling legitimately. These oppressions have a way of getting to legitimate people. A lot of teenagers are already trying to also join the line because what they see.


Some of these scammers are already working locally since it is hard for some of them to scam foreigners they just decide to dupe vulnerable people around them. There are several local scams and more are been created every day just to cheat their fellow countrymen.


Some of these young men who can’t endure hardship after the fast life resort to terrible means of making money. Lately, in the News, there have been several reports of ritualists who were caught after killing an innocent person for their rituals some even became mentally unstable due to the various ritual they engaged in. An example of this is the recent report of a DELSU student who was killed by 2 fellow student and her body part were harvested.

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Bad Image

Nigeria image all around the world is not pleasant and this is a known fact, it is more difficult for a Nigerian doing a legitimate business to be trusted abroad. The country is banned from some important site online. Making some purchase online as Nigerians is getting more harder than it used to be. This is in a way having an adverse effect on people who want to do a legitimate business transaction online.

They have been clip online of innocent foreigner crying after losing their wealth to this wicked people. The end result of this is that they will be hostile to Nigerians they meet.

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Several international students have expressed stress they have to go to living abroad because of trust issue which was damaged by the fraudsters.

It is time for Nigerians to call a spade a spade, the system might be faulty but there is really no shortcut to success.

The Nigerian system might not be perfect but it is not an excuse to engage in fraudulent acts, the time they spend to defraud people online can be channeled into something better. It might not be easy like fraud but nothing pays like a legitimate business.

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