Things you should Consider before Changing your Smartphone

Things you should Consider before Changing your Smartphone

Changing our mobile device is one of the decisions we take very often either because our present phone is bad or getting slower or we just want to upgrade.

As simple as this decision should be it is sometimes complicated due to fact that there are several smartphones in the market at every point in time.

We will be talking about some of the features you should look out for that can make the decision easier.

Brand: the brand of a phone can be described as the maker of the phone, there are several brands of phones in the market but some brands have made names for themselves either through some of their older devices or through the review of their latest devices. An example of this is Nokia, the Nokia brand is known for durability and good battery life. Several brands just like Nokia have made names for themselves over time so you can narrow down your decision by studying what each brand are known for.

Operating System (OS): OS can be defined as the system program that manages the system hardware and other programs. This simply means that the OS is what makes other applications on your phone run smoothly. Some of the common OS on smartphones in Nigeria are Android, IOS and Windows.

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Understanding this OS beforehand will ease your search for a new device as each OS has its own merit and demerit.

When you are done deciding the OS you prefer then next is to make sure any device you are going for has the latest OS as they said, New is always better.

Currently, the highest version of each OS are:

  1. Android 9 Pie
  2. IOS 12
  3. Windows 10 Mobile

Battery life: This is one of the most important features that you should pay attention to before making that decision and here is why; 24 hours uninterrupted power supply might not be a thing where you are located or you might be on the move most of the time and who have the space to keep mobile charger or power banks these days. You don’t want a phone that will continually go off on you due to bad or low battery life.

Random-Access Memory (RAM): This is a computer storage that stores data that are used currently. In simple terms, this is the storage that holds all of the data from all the applications that are currently in use till you quit them completely or you shut down your device. E.g. If you are on WhatsApp chatting and also surfing Facebook, the RAM hold on to both application so when you shuffle between them the information you are using or accessing in both remains.

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Currently, the range of the RAM in latest devices is between 3GB – 5GB RAM.

Processor Speed: Simply put, Processor is the brain of a computer system, it controls the functions of the hardware and the software. When studying the processor, it is not enough that the processor speed is high it should also be the latest. The latest processor comes with new phones and they work faster in terms of performing the operating task of your mobile devices.

Screen Size: This is also an important feature to look at for the screen size will determine how well you can use your device with ease. If you are the type that types a lot on your phone then for your comfort you need a bigger screen. For those who like to watch videos on their mobile devices, a bigger screen will also be the best to go for.

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Camera: Most smartphones now come with a front and rear camera, almost everyone takes pictures with phones so the camera quality is also something to pay attention to. You don’t want to share blurry images on your social media account. Study and understand the front and rear camera qualities before that decision.

Price: After carefully reviewing the above-listed features the last thing to consider is your price. Check to see if you have the money for the phones you have shortlisted.

Some of the features listed above might not work for you and sometimes your price might not be able to get you what you need but just make sure any of the features you are sacrificing won’t affect your usage of the phone in the long run.

Some of the website in which you can review the features of a phone are:



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