Ways you can use your Smartphone for Self-Development

Ways you can use your Smartphone for Self-Development

Since the inventions and launch of Smartphones, it is has become one of the most important accessories you will find on a person. It is estimated that there are over 1 billion people using smartphones in the world.

We use our smartphones for a lot of things and in a way, they affect most of our daily activities.

Since the launch of smartphones, internet penetration has increased in most developing and underdeveloped countries.

Smartphones can also affect the way we learn and improve ourselves in business, education, health, skills and more.

What makes self-development on smartphones better is the fact that you can do it with little or no stress.

Improving yourself is the best gift you can give yourself but sometimes we are limited by circumstances such as limited time, stress and lack of comfort. Some of these challenges have been solved by our smartphones.

There is a lot of ways our smartphones can be used for personal development and we will be looking at a few in this article.

Healthy Living

What we have heard much about smartphones is how it is bad for our health and how staying too long with it can cause several health issues but our smartphones can also improve healthy living by monitoring some vital signs in our body. There are also several apps that we can download to help improve our health through daily exercise. Example of this are applications such as Lifelog, Daily Yoga, Workout Trainer and more.

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Some of these apps log your sleeping hours and how much steps you take daily if you are trekking while some help you keep fit by suggesting the best type of exercise to do and so on.


Learning a new language can help our creativity and improve our relationships with other but it used to involve some strenuous activities such as selecting a language learning center and going to class either daily or on weekends but with app such as Duolingo, you don’t have to leave your comfort zone to register for several foreign languages available on their platform. All you need is to download the app, select the language and start learning.


Every business needs innovations and this can be gathered from listening to several successful businessmen.

You can listen to several inspirational stories from technology, entertainment, design and more on the TED app on your mobile devices.

This doesn’t stop you from attending Seminars and listening to Webinars but with apps like TED on your phone, you have access to hundreds of this video which you can learn from and prepare yourself for the future.

Professional Course and Skills

You can now learn some professional skills and courses on your smartphones by enrolling for your desired course in several fields on some mobile applications.

You can do this by installing apps such as Udemy and Coursera both apps offer thousand of courses you can select from.

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You can select either educational courses or self-developing skills from these applications.

Specialization and Degree

Another way you can improve yourself on your smartphone is by enrolling for a degree course on some applications.

Coursera is an online learning platform that offers courses in engineering, humanities, medicine, computer science, digital marketing and many more. Coursera offers specialization and degrees for some of these courses. With your smartphone, you can enroll for the course, listen to lecture daily and take exams and become certified or a degree holder with little or no stress.

General Knowledge and Information

Your smartphones can help you with general knowledge and information of events around you. Information moves faster since the invention of smartphones. An example of this is several government agencies having a social media account that they use to disseminate information to the public.


Your smartphone can also help you with some vital career information. Apps such as LinkedIn have professionals all around the world with motivational words for career person. There even several job opportunities on the app that can be useful to you.

Listening to Innovative speech on TED talk app, registering for a course on Udemy or Coursera and even watching several tutorials on YouTube have a way of impacting your life positively which can be referred to as Self Improvement.


Gaming is good for pain relief and it makes us smarter, with the latest smartphones there are several games that we can play which improve our memory capacity in the long run. There are some educative games we can play as well on our smartphones such as Scrabble, Chess and etc.

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Gaming on smartphones is easily accessible than that on gaming consoles.

With these apps, you can learn some skills and courses for free while some are paid for but to use this apps internet connection is compulsory.

Some of these apps allow you to download course materials and watch later, on some apps you can set the particular time of the day you want to study on the app and you will be notified by the app once it is time.

Some of these apps make your physical fitness interesting to you by using the reward system whereby it compares your recent records with pass records to show if you are improving.

There you have it, wonderful ways your smartphone can help with your self-development. There are hundreds of application you can download for self-improvement and other ways you can use your smartphone as your source of self-improvement.

There are several other apps that offer courses that can help you improve yourself with ease. A Google search can help you get more of these apps.

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