Which of these Songs is Your Best Song for 2018

Which of these Songs is Your Best Song for 2018

We music lovers really enjoyed 2018 all thanks to the Nigerian artiste, producers, manager, and promoters. This year was full of back to back hit songs and several dance steps were invented too. While we are still learning ‘Shaku Shaku’ there came ‘Zanku’. Some of us have a long way to go but we will get it before the December party vibes begin.

This year gave us several hits songs and so we have decided to narrow it down to Mega hit songs or Super Mega Hits songs. So let us see the one you will pick as the only song on your phone if you are left with that choice. All the hit songs in the list have a video.

Firstly, ‘4Dayz’ by Kizz Daniel. Kizz dropped some good songs this year from his ‘No Do’ to his recently released album ‘NBS’  but his 4Dayz single is one that will stick with you most. Kizz dropped the song for the Valentine season early in the year. ‘4Dayz’ is that song you find yourself humming to without even knowing. What makes the song even more special is that though it is a love song you can still bop to it. 4Days is a love song that is hard to hate and the music video is just the perfect video for the beautiful song. ‘4Dayz’ did great on the charts for weeks at the time of its release.

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Next on the list is Davido’s ‘Assurance’, this song is no doubt one of the best songs of this year from the buildup to the release of the song to the dedication of the song to his lover, Chioma Avril, OBO really did a great job on this song. People now use the phrase ‘give assurance ’ to refer to giving their loved ones something precious, this was derived from Davido’s hit song. Assurance is a love song which easily gets you showing off your ‘Shaku Shaku’ as the beat gives you an amazing feeling. The visual to the song was also top notch. ‘Assurance’ was number 1 on several charts for weeks at the time of its release.

Thirdly, Port-Harcourt based singer, Duncan Mighty teamed up with Starboy to drop what most people now call the ‘broke guys’ anthem. Fake Love is also another Mega hit this year. The song which had two great artistes with distinct voices on it is rated as one of the best collaboration to be released this year. Fake Love as the title implies is a song explaining that fake girls only want to be with you when you have. Duncan Mighty and Wizkid really did a great one on this song. The song brought Duncan back to the limelight as he had a better 2018 because of his great delivery in this song. The video for the song was simple and neat. Fake Love was released in the early part of 2018 and it was number 1 in several charts for weeks.

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Next on the list is ‘Motigbana’ by Olamide. Baddoh Sneh was on another level on this one. This song has this unusual vibe that gets you moving your body while singing along when the song comes on. Anytime you hear ‘Mo ti gbana Mo ti elevate’ chances are you will respond with ‘eh eh’. The singer was saying in the song that he is way ahead of his haters and enemy. The lyrics of the song is simple but the vibe is great. ‘Motigbana’ was released in the late part of the year and it was relevant on the chart for weeks.

Wizkid is coming on the list again with his hit song ‘Soco’. This like every other Wizkid song grows on you. This song was rated badly in the first few weeks of its release but soon it became an anthem. ‘Soco’ is a song released by Starboy featuring Terry, Spotless and Ceeza Milli. ‘Soco’ is a simple song with a superb vibe and anytime it comes on you always have the urge to dance. Netizens are still trying to understand Wizkid’s intro to this song. ‘Soco’ was released in the early part of the year and it tops several charts.

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Last on our list is ‘Ye’ by Burna Boy. Although Burna released this song in the first half of the year the song blew after he released the visual in the late part of the year. ‘Ye’ is also a simple song with a great vibe. It is the only song on this list you can’t dance ‘Shaku’ nor ‘Zanku’ to. But whenever the song comes on you always have the urge to sing along and move your body. This song changed Burna Boy’s popularity in the country and even in the world. His fan base surge after the release of this song visual. ‘Ye’ according to some netizens is a vibe on its own.

So there you have it listed in an alphabetical order, which of this song would you keep on your phone if you are to choose only one.

If you are a lover of love songs then you have ‘4Dayz’ and ‘Assurance’ but if you want just the melodious vibes ‘Fake Love’, ‘Motigbana’, ‘Soco’ and ‘Ye’ are the songs for you.

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