#10YearsChallenge: Check out Bisi Alimi’s Photo

#10YearsChallenge: Check out Bisi Alimi’s Photo

Bisi Alimi, the Nigerian gay rights activist has joined the #10YearsChallenge with his alter ego photo, and he is now a major topic across social media platforms alongside other Nigerian celebrities.

The photo Bisi Alimi got into the #10YearsChallenge, came with the caption;

“10 year challenge. The boobs get real”.

#10YearsChallenge: Check out Bisi Alimi’s Photos

This is coming after he wrote an open letter to Nigerian women, encouraging them to be “bold and assertive”.  The Nigerian gay rights activist who told women not to allow patriarchy mess up their belief in themselves added that it is really sad to see that 99% of applications are from men and when women apply, they are mostly the best.

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Bisi Alimi concluded his open letter by telling Nigerian women that their place is in the office making money, and not in the kitchen making dinner.

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