7-Year-Old Boy Shows Up To School In Mercedes Benz (Video)

7-Year-Old Boy Shows Up To School In Mercedes-Benz (Video)

A video, posted on Thursday, showed a young boy, who is clearly underage, driving up to his school in a black Mercedes-Benz.

His fellow pupils are heard cheering him on as he makes his way to a halt in front of the school.

By looking at the number plate, it is believed the incident took place in Gauteng but the exact time and place are still unknown.

While many found the footage hilarious, especially when they see the youngster’s chilled reaction, we gathered others felt it was illegal.

Bapi Ntshangase, who goes by the Twitter handle @KwaSwayimane, commented: “There is a lot of values to fix in our society.

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How do we promote illegal behaviour and even ululate for it? Is the bundle properly licensed to drive? Who gave the car & for what purpose? Is this a child or disguised 40-year-old.”

After another tweep pointed out she saw white kids doing the exact same thing, Apostle Eri Oluwa added it still does not make it right. “That a white man did it doesn’t now make it normal or right. Many kids are eager to drive but we can never overlook the importance of maturity for drivers. This is unreasonable, irresponsible and demonstration of shallowness. Extreme recklessness,” he said.

Video Below:

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