Drunk Policemen Brutalize young Girl and Brother in Lagos

Drunk Policemen Brutalize young Girl and Brother in Lagos

A Nigerian lady has taken to Twitter to narrate how some drunk police offices brutalized two Nigerian men and a little girl in Lagos state.

The lady identified as Uchenna Becky Ochulo took to her Twitter page to write about their encounter with the policemen at a checkpoint in Lagos.

See what she wrote below;

I was seeing my boyfriend Seun off to the airport with his little sister Dami and my cousin Oliver, then we were stopped at a check point, can I see what is in your boot, sure why not.

The Driver stepped out of the car, to help open the boot and then the officer asked all of us to step out of the vehicle for a random search, I just knew that something was off with that officer, So….

I immediately turn on voice recorder on my phone and the the police officer started ranting, I should call whoever I want to call that the IG of police doesn’t stay in the checkpoints that they are in charge, and the I stepped in front of him and asked him,

To search me, so many times and then he said he’ll take us to his office because I have no respect for an elderly man, next minute he called some other officers, one of which was very drunk, Dami started begging them to let her brother go so he won’t miss his flight.

Next thing you know the drunk officer slapped Dami, & another was hitting Oliver with a Gun, the whole thing was alarming Seun charged towards the officer that hit his sister out of anger, because he had been calm the whole time, and the other police officers kept on hitting him,

Then that same police officer that slapped Dami spat on her face and kept on saying there is nothing she can do and there’s nothing anyone of us can do. So Seun begged to be taken to the station.

We got into the car, and a police officer took us to the Mafoluku Police station,
Seun, Dami and Oliver were Assaulted and when we got to the station a group of officers started pleading and apologizing for the unruly act of the officers at the checkpoint.

I have a voice record of everything that happened as it all began and as we were begged for the act of the Drunk & Unruly Police officers and I will not stop until they are all brought to justice.

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