Eku Edewor Mum Marries for the Third Time

Eku Edewor mum marries for the third time

Eku Edewor took to Instagram to share a deep life lesson as she shared a photo of her mum, who got married for the third time.

The media personality who stated that her mother is a testament to the phrase that no one can define you added that her heart is full of joy because her mother will never allow anyone to dims her light.

Eku Edewor who wished her mum a happy married life she got married for the third time, wrote;

My Mother is a testament to the phrase that no one can define you. Not society, not your friends, not your siblings or even your parents. Our Creator is the only one that blesses our wishes, makes a road for us and lifts us when we think we have been forgotten. My Mother and Father had a beautiful marriage yet they went their separate ways. My Mother was blessed to meet my late stepfather Uncle Peter Thomas, they were married 15 years until his death almost 10 years ago.

I didn’t think it was possible to replace him as they were one. However a few years ago, my Mother met Doctor Victor Izegbu, a man we all have fallen in love with. Today my heart is full of joy and as usual where my Mother is concerned admiration, because as per usual, her light is on, she has never let anyone dim that, and despite all odds, despite moments of near darkness, her light is shining brighter than ever!! I love you Mummy. Happy Married life to the newest couple in town, The Izegbu’s!! ♥️♥️ “Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law.” ~ Romans 13:8

Eku Edewor Mum Marries for the Third Time

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