Election 2019: APC and Lazy Plagiarism

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The All Progressive Congress which is the ruling party in Nigeria released their manifesto, NextLevel ahead of the 2019 general elections a few weeks ago.

First, it was revealed a few days after the announcement of the NextLevel agenda that both the slogan and the logo was lifted from Rex Institute website. There was no work done on both the Logo and the Slogan just changing of colour with a graphic design app. The institute at a point threaten to sue the party but not much was heard from that angle after a while.

Election 2019: APC and Lazy Plagiarism

Now the APC manifesto for the next 4 years if President Buhari wins re-election has also been busted as another case of lazy copy and paste. The person who did the job was so lazy that s/he couldn’t even try to make some adjustments on the notes before posting on the official APC site. Some part of the manifesto still has ‘America’ instead of Nigeria on it.

Election 2019: APC copied Next Level Manifesto

Screenshots of ACP website Desktop View

Election 2019: APC copied Next Level Manifesto

Screenshot of the APC site mobile view

Election 2019: APC copied Next Level Manifesto

Screenshot of the site the Manifesto was lifted from

The ruling party which is supposed to have the best mind that is directing the affairs of the country dug so low as to copy and paste a document from another website to their official website without proofreading for errors or corrections.

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What this means is that the president, President Buhari, vice president, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, APC Chairman, Adams Oshiomole, Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed and so much more in the party ranking have not seen this manifesto talk more of reading it.

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