Gay Superhero movie is on the way – Lee Daniels

Gay superhero movie is on the way - Lee Daniels

Co-creator of Fox series ‘Empire’, Lee Daniels has revealed plans to create a gay superhero movie, though he didn’t mention when the movie will be made.

Lee Daniels said he got the inspiration after he met a gay superhero with bright pink knee-length heels who went viral on social media.

Announcing the news on Instagram, Lee Daniels said:

“….10 years ago folks thought I was crazy when I said I wanted to make a gay superhero flick…. it’s not my next one… but it’s in the pipeline #gaysuperhero.”

The superhero by the name super b*tch also shared on Instagram:

“Dreams really do come true!! I had the pleasure of meeting the one and only @theoriginalbigdaddy. You’re an amazing man filled with great ideas. I can wait to work with you!”

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