‘I can Recommend my Ex-boyfriend to a Friend for Marriage’ – Seyi Shay

‘I can recommend my ex-boyfriend to a friend for marriage’ - Seyi Shay

Nigerian-based singer, songwriter and actress Deborah Oluwaseyi Joshua professionally known by her stage name Seyi Shay has probably given a hint about the other of hers that is not open to the public.

Ask lovers of Nigerian music today to mention the top five female singers ruling the music scene and see if Seyi Shay’s name doesn’t pop up. At least, this must be one of the reasons Pepsi thought it befitting to make her an ambassador alongside Tiwa Savage and Wizkid.

Being a very private person one would expect the ‘Ragga Ragga’ crooner to be clingy and possessive but her recent chat with Potpourri reveals she’s anything but possessive.

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‘I can Recommend my Ex-boyfriend to a Friend for Marriage’ - Seyi Shay

When she was asked if she could recommend her ex-boyfriend to a friend for marriage, the singer, who had a respectable outing in 2018 answered in the affirmative.

She said:

“Yes, I would recommend an ex to a friend. I would be in the best position to know if they are suitable for each other, since I’m friends with both of them. The case of jealousy doesn’t arise because he’s my ex and our relationship was already in the past. If he’s good enough for my friend, why not recommend him? His not being good enough for me doesn’t mean he can be good for my friend. Surely, I will recommend him, I see no reason badmouthing him to a friend who’s truly interested in him”

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