I’ve been Single for a Long time – Actress Hauwa Allahbura

I’ve been single for a long time - Actress Hauwa Allahbura

Nollywood actress of the Hausa language genre, Hauwa Allahbura has said she has been single for a long time when she was asked about her relationship status in a new interview.

I’ve been single for a long time - Actress Hauwa Allahbura

The actress who spoke with Sunday Punch also talked about her family, career, and goals for the new year.

Read excerpts:


I was born in Lagos to a para-military family. My dad was a Customs officer; so, we moved around quite a lot – from Kano to Abuja and even Badagry. I had an interesting upbringing because I moved around different states and was opportune to meet different people on my adventure. As a kid, I was not easily oppressed; I was in charge of things and could not be pressured into what I didn’t believe in. My family still calls me, “ready-made” because even as a kid, I had big dreams and ambitions.


For my elementary education, I attended three schools which were Crescent International School, Lagos; Crescent International School, Kano; and French International School, Badagry. I attended Police Secondary School, Minna, Niger State; and Federal Government College, Ilorin, Kwara State, for my secondary education.

I graduated from Nasarawa State University with a degree in History and International Studies. After that, I attended other institutions such as London Film Academy; New York State University, and Montana State University.


Ironically, I didn’t care to be a filmmaker as a child. I had one ambition and that was to be Oprah Winfrey. I wanted to have a show and change lives just the way Oprah did. As I grew older, I started to find myself and things changed. I set out to be a presenter but discovered acting.

Along the way, I decided to add film producing to my credentials. I am now in a place where I want to be because film means a lot more to me now than it did at first. Now, I want to make films that will connect Nigeria to the world, and collaborate with people from other parts of Africa and other countries. I also want to understand the business side of film and filmmaking on a different level.


I wanted to join the film industry as an actor because I thought that was my calling and passion but I realised while on set that I wasn’t as happy and fulfilled as I should have been. I would hear other people talk about how happy they felt being on screen and because I didn’t have such satisfaction, I started to think that I was in the wrong profession. I did like acting but I wasn’t just crazy about it. Then, I understood that I was more excited about the business angle of filmmaking.

I’ve been single for a long time - Actress Hauwa Allahbura


The first movie I acted in was an Africa Magic Original Films production titled, Rovieno. The only challenge I had was going for the audition without any assurance that I would get called back. I was lucky to have got the role even though I went to film school while waiting. I was terrified on set on my first day. I didn’t want to perform poorly.

As a producer, my first project was more relaxing for me. I enjoy producing so much that I was not nervous at all. I put more energy and excitement into production because I am in my element with that. The first movie I produced is titled, 4thEstate and will be released soon. I also produced The Eve and a few more that will be released this year.

Northerners are generally conservative; they are not open to the lifestyle Nollywood portrays in their movies. I’m sure Kannywood is open to big productions and collaborations from outside; I’m looking at a bigger picture. The North generally has its culture and beliefs and that’s what they depict in the films from there.


The toughest part of my early years in the industry was the worry of not getting called back for a role after the audition. I had become fascinated by the stars I met while presenting on the red carpet for Tribes TV and decided to leap into acting. I attended many auditions and had to wait for various periods of time to get called back.

But when I started acting, it became better and easier. I was not even challenged by the dominating factor in the film industry, where there are more men and older people. That actually stirred me to push myself harder and prove my worth. I see the brighter side of the competition and use it to my advantage.


I am obsessed with travelling. Anytime I get an opportunity to travel, I leap at it without even thinking. I have great plans to travel around the world.


I will leave you guessing as to my relationship status. The best I can say is I’ve been single for a long time.


One thing I am sure of is that I am not a fashionista. However, I like to try new things. I like to wear high-heeled shoes and I am easy on my dress sense.

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