Kanye West Jumps on Trump Bandwagon Again

Kanye West Jumps on Trump Bandwagon Again

American rapper and music producer Kanye West has openly declared his support for US president, Donald J Trump again.

In a new series of tweets, Kanye West revealed that he will start wearing his MAGA hat to perform in concerts, he also claimed that 90% of blacks in America are Democrats.

Kanye has been a strong supporter of Trump, he came out last year to declare his love for the president’s administration. Kanye went ahead to wear the MAGA hat in the public but few weeks to the Mid Term elections he declared that he is taking a break from politics claiming his name has been used to preach what he doesn’t believe in.

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Kanye received several backlashes from declaring his support for the president the last time he made it public. He is now back to his open support of the president and he must be ready to face the backlash that might come from doing so.

See some of his tweets below:




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