‘Love & Hip Hop’ star Tommie Lee facing over 50 years in Prison for Child Abuse

‘Love & Hip Hop’ star Tommie Lee facing over 50 years in Prison for Child Abuse

‘Love & Hip Hop’ star Tommie Lee who was released from jail in December, is facing over 50-Years in prison after being indicted on numerous felony and misdemeanor charges including child abuse.

The reality show star who is accused of disrupting her young daughter’s middle school’s class, slapping her with the strap of her purse, slapping her across the face, dragging her down the hall by her hair and throwing her into a metal locker, had a lawsuit filed against her by the State of Georgia.

Lee was arrested for the alleged assault and then taken into custody again 24 hours later after she visited her child, violating a court order that forbade any contact with her daughter.  She contacted the child within three hours of being released from jail. Police found her hiding in an attic and arrested her yet again.

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The ‘Love & Hip Hop’ star Tommie Lee who has three felony charges and four misdemeanor charges hanging on her, is facing over 50 years in prison (54 years) if found guilty.

TMZ reported that Lee has experienced a number of legal issues throughout the past few years, all while continuing to appear on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. It’s unclear if this indictment has anything to do with her decision to leave the show, but considering the charges against her, it seems unlikely that she’ll be returning anytime soon.

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