Migratory Bird being used for Research, killed in Rivers State

Migratory bird being used for research, killed in Rivers State

A migratory bird which was used for research by an undisclosed university was reportedly killed in Rivers State by people ‘thought it was evil’.

Facebook user Nwibe Dumle, who shared a photo of the Migratory bird used for research, disclosed that it was killed in a farm in his village. He wrote;

This bird was killed today in my village farm, and surprisingly rings were found on two sides of it legs with different inscriptions on them each.

Migratory bird being used for research, killed in Rivers State

However, one Bura-Bari Nwilo who debunked claims of the bird being evil wrote;

It’s a migrating bird. Universities in certain countries use them for experiment and release it for flight. These birds travel hundreds of miles to different countries. If those who killed it were educated, they would have read the signs on those rings around its legs and would have seen the countries and location of its flight. But ignorance is a sad thing. This is why we encourage people to go to school. That bird could be the last of its kind and was released to mate and birth more.

What should be done when next you see a bird like this is to release it so it can continue its journey.

Migratory bird being used for research, killed in Rivers State

Another Facebook user Miz Conquer wrote;

There is no charm or juju here. What is on one leg is a tracker, on the other is the inscription of the institution that own the tracker and the bird.

Someone who did not know better killed a migratory bird tagged and tracked by an educational institution from a different country. This bird should never have been killed. Now someone’s research is cut short because a human killed a bird that should have been left alone. Sad thing is, I wager whoever killed this bird will not even eat it.

This hurts my heart.

Migratory bird being used for research, killed in Rivers State

However, the Facebook user who shared photos of the bird made a clarification in the comment section of the post. Nwibe Dumle in his rejoinder wrote;

I have carefully read through all comments, some have spoken ‘educatively’, while some have spoken foolishly than they feel we are. Let me register here that I and my people are not uneducated as you think. We are professionals in our various fields of learning except that I am not a zoologist. Lol. However, the bird was not killed because of the rings on it legs neither was it killed deliberately to end what ever assignment or research purposes…. So please mind what ever you will or are dropping as comment, because every body is entitle to his or her opinion (impression). However we are here to learn from each other, so do not feel you have known it all just because you are privileged to know about bird ringing or bird branding.

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