Mum arrested for Feeding Premature Baby with Bleach

Mum arrested for feeding premature baby with bleach

A mum has been arrested after allegedly feeding her premature baby with bleach in a bid to kill him.

Brooke Evelyn Lucas, 26, was accused of attempting to kill baby William, who was born with Pierre Robin sequence. The condition means the one-year-old, who was born 14 weeks premature, requires constant care and a tube to eat and breathe.

According to police in Perth, Australia, the new mum was arrested and charged with unlawful intent to kill or endanger human life yesterday following the alleged incident.

Mum arrested for Feeding Premature Baby with Bleach

Officers believe the mum poured bleach into her son’s tubes on December 29, less than a week after he was discharged from the hospital, 9News Australia reported.

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William was later rushed to the hospital but has reportedly since been discharged. The mum had posted on Facebook days before saying:

‘William has been discharged from PCH and will be spending his first Christmas at home. ‘I am in tears after he was so sick Friday and Saturday that he needed to be admitted into hospital’.

Mum arrested for Feeding Premature Baby with Bleach

The mum, who branded her son a ‘Christmas miracle’ on social media, was allegedly ‘inconsolable’ in court. She has since been remanded in custody ahead of her second appearance on Monday.

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