Paris naked Restaurant closes due to lack of Customers

Paris naked Restaurant closes due to lack of Customers

Paris first naked restaurant is closing due to lack of customers, despite France’s reported 2.7 million practicing naturists.

The nudist restaurant in the east of Paris, called “O’Naturel”, opened in November 2017 and got rave reviews from customers who were expected to shed their clothes in the cloakroom and leave it there along with mobile phones to prevent people from sneaking a photo of other customers.

They were then given slippers to wear to the dining area, although women were allowed to keep their heels on if they wanted. In spite of the positive reviews, they still couldn’t get enough customers.

Twins Mike and Stephane Saada, who own the restaurant said they will close for good on February 16.

“It is now or never,” they urged the curious “wanting to experience a last nude dinner in Paris”.

“We are counting on you to support us,” they wrote on Facebook. “We thank everyone for taking part in this adventure. We will only remember the good moments and the great people we met.”

News of the closure sent a chill through the French naturist world, but campaigner Cedric Amato said the restaurant was ahead of its time.

“It may have been a little early” for an all year round nudist establishment in Paris, he told AFP.

“I ate there many times and it was very good,” but the fact that it was in a residential area and did not have a terrace for good weather counted against it, he said.

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