Staff forced to Crawl on street for Missing Annual Targets

Staff forced to Crawl on street for Missing Annual Targets

Some staffs were forced to get on their hands and knees and crawl through the streets, as punishment for missing their annual targets.

According to reports, workers from a company in Tengzhou, China, were ordered to crawl through busy traffic yesterday afternoon.

According to, all of the staff members seen crawling in the video were women who worked for a company which sells beauty products.

The line of workers can be seen being led down the street by a male employee who is carrying a large red flag, which allegedly has the name of the firm emblazoned across it.

Reports claim police turned up after having been informed of the incident, ordered the supervisor to put an end to the punishment and even gave him a verbal warning.

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It’s reported that the company involved was ordered to stop business and carry out ‘self-reflection’ exercises.

In Chinese business law, firms are forbidden from humiliating their staff and if they do so can be made to pay compensation to the worker.

However, according to the Mail, some companies have been caught publicly humiliating their staff – with some staff even forced to eat worms.

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