Stray bullet almost hits lady in her house in Enugu

Stray bullet almost hits lady in her house in Enugu

A stray bullet almost hit a Nigerian lady in her house in Enugu state. According to her, the stray bullet was from a nearby political rally.

The lady identified as, Chukwuemerie Udiahgebi, took to her Instagram page to share pictures of the bullet which penetrated her room.

Sharing the images, she wrote;

So i wouldn’t usually do this but I’m five hundred shades of grateful we literally dodged a FRIGGIN BULLET JUST NOW. like i can’t even figure out how i feel at the moment, I stepped out to visit @life_is_a_spectrum_ and @dmichaels___ today barely 30 mins into my visit there was blinding bang and suddenly the ceiling punctured and showered us with dust and there was a heavy metallic clink nearby. When the shock had worn off there was a bullet barely two inches away. If you’re in ENUGU, you’d have heard the random gunshots at the PDP rally this afternoon . @life_is_a_spectrum_ was the closest target to the bullet. Please what bloody unmanned rally was this where gunshots were being fired randomly with reckless abandon into the air. A country with misplaced priorities where we hand guns to thugs in the name of policemen, is safety in our own homes too much to ask? please what is this . What is this biko

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