#SurvivingRKelly: Protesters and R Kelly clash in Chicago

#SurvivingRKelly: Parents and alleged Victims of R. Kelly to Present Evidence against Singer

The docuseries ‘Surviving R Kelly‘ was released days ago and it is one of the most trending topics all around the world. The documentary was about the abusive life of the veteran RnB singer.

Since the release of the docuseries, there have been several reactions online and offline. Some celebrities have even spoken against the singer while some are yet to talk about the abuse allegations. Despite the outrage online, the singer stream numbers have increased since the release of the docuseries.

The singer has however denied the allegations claiming that he has evidence that some of the girls in the docuseries are lying. His team even announced that a website will be launched to debunk the allegations.

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Some protesters who want the artiste to be prosecuted took to the street to call him out but some of his supporters decided to stop the protest.

Chris Hush from NBC shared a video of the clash between the protesters and his fans on his Twitter handle. In the video, some of his supporters can be heard screaming ‘He needs forgiveness’.

Watch the video below:

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