Soulja Boy says he will Fight YouTuber Jake Paul

Soulja Boy says he will Fight YouTuber Jake Paul

American rapper, DeAndre Cortez Way professionally known as Soulja Boy has said he will fight YouTuber Jake Paul, he made this known during a chat with gossip website, TMZ.

It’s been reported the US rapper who found international fame with his 2007 single ‘Crank That (Soulja Boy)’, said:

“Jake Paul can’t beat me in no fight, you know that. It’s really gonna happen though. It’s for real.”

He seems pretty confident as when he was asked what he thought of Paul’s skills he said:

“I’ll put up the whole record label advance. Jake Paul you a bitch.”

The pair have traded a fair few insults over social media lately and Paul eventually came out and told TMZ:

“I’m trying to fight him. I know it will blow up, I don’t like some of the stuff he’s recently done, but it’s more business. There’s just a lot of controversy around him, and I think people would like to see him get knocked out.”

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