Man gets haircut with picture of Kanye West carved on his head (Video)

Man gets haircut with picture of Kanye West carved on his head (Video)

A Kanye West super fan has taken his love for the rapper a step further after he got a haircut with Kanye’s face carved beautifully on his head.

Haircuts for men are definitely a huge statement and this man decided to make a huge one that screams his love for Kanye West.

The video which looks like it was shot at a barber’s shop, shows the mohawk haircut of the fan from the right side and at first look, you would think it is a regular haircut until the left side of his head is shown with a very detailed picture of Kanye West carved on his head. The barber who can be seen going on with his business as he continued carving the edges of his customer’s head.

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Unlike some tattoos some fans get that looks different from the celebrities, this picture carved was a split image of Kanye, showing off the rapper’s signature mean look.

This is definitely one of the most talented barbers out there, sadly we do not have the name or other information of the barber and the superfan.

Watch the video below:

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