Police throw Surprise Party for Robber arrested on his 18th Birthday

Police throw Surprise Party for Robber arrested on his 18th Birthday

Brazilian police officers recently threw a party for a young man arrested on the day he was supposed to be celebrating his 18th birthday.

Paulo Rodrigo das Neves was arrested after being caught on camera stealing sound equipment and other parts from people’s cars.

The young man from Brazil’s Rio Grande do Norte region, was surprised when the police organised the birthday party with snacks and drinks, saying; “We can’t pass up a date like this”.

A video of the birthday celebration at the 5th Civil Police Precinct of Macau, with staff there singing him “Happy Birthday” and even serving cake and soda in his honour has gone viral on social media.

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In the footage, police officers sang Happy Birthday for Paulo, poured Coca Cola, and even permitted him to cut a cake they bought for him. A second slice of the cake was then served to his mother, who was watching the scene unfold.

But after the video of the celebration went viral, Brazil’s Military Police issued a statement informing the public that it would conduct an investigation, and threatened disciplinary action against the police staff who participated in the ‘shameful’ display.

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