Daddy Freeze shares chat with suspected Yahoo boy who requested help

“Divorce is allowed in the bible” - Daddy Freeze says; quotes bible verses to back his stance

On-air personality, Daddy Freeze shares a chat with a suspected Yahoo boy (fraudster) who texted him with what he described as his ‘working account’.

Daddy Freeze Yahoo Boy

The man initially introduced himself as Frank, a 22-year-old and went further to pour out his plight in a bid to attract sympathy from the media personality.

He further apologised for using an account that had the profile photo of a white woman to chat with Daddy Freeze as he disclosed that it is an account meant for ‘work’ purposes.

Daddy Freeze on his part scolded and warned him never to contact him again.

Sharing the chat, he wrote:

“Imagine the nerve. This guy has no business on social media.

Disappearing post”

See the post below:Daddy Freeze Yahoo Boy

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