Filmmaker, Ugezu Ugezu reacts to Mercedes Benz spotted with plate number “Ego Obala”

Filmmaker Ugezu Ugezu reacts to Mercedes Benz spotted with plate number “Ego Obala”

Nigerian filmmaker, Ugezu Ugezu, has reacted to a viral video of a Mercedes Benz spotted on the road with plate number “Ego Obala” which literally means “Blood money”.

Ugezu Ugezu reacts

Ugezu shared the video on his official Instagram page and described the plate number as “strange”. He also questioned why any sane person would register his car with the controversial phrase.

Meanwhile, it is said that the plate number has been recalled by the Federal Road Safety Commission, FRSC after they realized the meaning.

He wrote,

“Can you find an explanation as to the reason a human being will buy a car and register same as EGOOBALA…. which translates.. BLOODMONEY???

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Reposted from @iraborsoni FRSC Nigeria has ordered the immediate withdrawal of the number plate “EGOOBALA” when it became known that it means “BLOOD MONEY” in Igbo language!”

See below:

Some netizens have shared some plausible reasons why the owner of the Benz used the phrase ‘Blood money.

@realucheebere wrote, It might be egoobala Jesus Christ, in his mind, but he left it that way to confuse evil people, so they will be far from him, we never can tell, his mindset covers it all.”

@iamnsongurua_ wrote, “Or it could just simply mean, his sweat. Who knows!”

@nyhurumk wrote, “Maybe he did it to scare people asking him for money✌️✌️

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