Man seeks advice after a lady he met at a brothel fell ‘seriously’ in love with him

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A young man (name undisclosed) is seeking advice on what steps to take after a courtesan he met at a brothel fell in love with him.

According to him, the challenge he has is bordering on the lady’s refusal to quit her job.

Though netizens on Twitter have advised the young man to cut ties with her, his story says any time he tries it, the lady attempts suicide.

Read His Full Story Below:

“I have this girl I met at a brothel, she’s a prostitute, we had sex and then after she developed feelings for me, we started being cool we and a long the line, I feel ashamed of myself having someone who sleeps with at least 20 men a day as my girlfriend.

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” I’m even scared of contracting STD/STI from her, I’ve tried breaking up with her so many times but she won’t let me go, the last time I tried breaking with her she nearly committed suicide, I told her to quit the prostitution if she wants me to take her serious but due to some reasons she’s unable to quit the job.”

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