Wife heartbroken after hidden camera caught husband cheating with male best friend

Nigerian Man ruins the Shop of His Wife to make Her Submissive

A wife has been heartbroken after the spy camera she placed caught her husband in bed with his male best friend.

The story was told by the sister of the wife who explained that the elder sister had 4 kids.

The sister who had her suspicions about husband who she stated spent too much time chatting with the make best friend.

She told her sister about this and the sister had dismissed her fears, telling her it was perfectly normal between guys.

She although went ahead to place a spy camera in a hidden spot which unfortunately caught the man with his best friend in bed.

Read her full story:

“Good afternoon admin…post for me and hide my id…I come here on behalf of my elder sister who has been married for 9 years with 4 kids(quadruplets). Her husband was so perfect, we always admired her marriage. last year she asked me if it’s normal that her husband spends hours laughing and chatting with his Male best friend and I told her its normal, weeks later she told me that she was having a feeling that the husband brings ladies home when she’s out of town, so I encouraged her to put CCTV cameras inside the house without the husband’s knowledge and she did…

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so last week she brought her kids to my house with their clothes including school uniforms saying the husband and her were travelling out of the country for 2 weeks, later that evening she sent me audio saying that I should forgive her in case of anything and shared her account details that the kids will be safer with me..when I asked her why, she sent videos of the husband having sxx with his best friend…..we found her at her home and she isn’t okay…the so-called husband is nowhere to be seen…even his workplace doesn’t know his whereabouts, it’s like his vanished …

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she’s not talking or eating not even bathing…I asked if she would like to report the husband to the police but she just laughed and said “no, I know what to do”..how do I help her with coping and healing cause she seems to have a plan of doing something unspeakable??”

Wife heartbroken after hidden camera caught husband cheating with male best friend

Wife heartbroken after hidden camera caught husband cheating with male best friend

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