Police Inspector dies during sex romp with his lover in Ibadan hotel

Police Inspector dies during sex romp with his lover in Ibadan hotel

A police inspector, identified as Michael Ogunlade, has reportedly died during a sex romp with his secret lover at a hotel in Ibadan, Oyo state.

Police Inspector dies

According to a source at the hotel, the 47-year-old man died around 3 PM on Sunday, April 3, shortly after he paid for a short time with his lover at a hotel situated in the Oke-Ado area of Ibadan.

Speaking with Vanguard, the witness said,

“They met me at the staircase but being one of the workers, I cannot be looking at their faces, so I just ignored them. A few minutes later, the woman rushed down and started crying, saying the man was unconscious.

“We quickly informed the police at Iyaganku Police Division and they came around quickly but before they would take him to a nearby hospital, he had given up the ghost.”

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While some people claim he died due to the energy booster he ingested to have sex with the woman, others claim he died as a result of the thunderbolt laced on the woman by another man.

However, one of the hotel attendants said, “I don’t know her but the way she was talking after the incident, she had lost her husband in 2014. She even said the late officer was responsible for the payment of her children’s school fees for more than five years and other house chores.”

The woman was reportedly screaming in distress after the incident and was quoted as saying, “Where will I start again? He was my helper. My benefactor. He was like my husband because we saw him every Sunday. Apart from once a week. He responded to anything I asked him.”

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