Newlyweds decide their surname by flipping coin at the altar (Video)

Newlyweds decide their surname by flipping coin at the altar (Video)

A newlywed couple, Pearl Lee, 28, and Collin Hansen, 25, decided on their surname by tossing a coin at the altar during their wedding ceremony.

Unlike many women who take their husband’s last name and some women who just add their maiden name to the husband’s surname, the pair opted to leave their surname choice entirely up to fate.

Pear Lee and Collin Hansen, after taking their vows, decided whose surname they would bear by flipping a coin at the altar at their wedding ceremony.

Newlyweds decide their surname by flipping coin at the altar (Video)

They had a friend toss the coin for them, the friend who officiated the process tossed the coin in the air and caught it on the back of his hand with the groom, Colin, winning the toss.

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They were then announced as Mr and Mrs Hansen.

A guest at the wedding who shared the clip on TikTok described it as her favourite new wedding tradition”.

Watch the video below;

In other news, a Nigerian man, Samline Olatoye, has taken to Facebook to share his opinion about women’s identity before and after marriage.

According to him, a woman does not have a religion, surname or permanent home until she gets married and inherits her husband’s.

His comment is reportedly in reaction to Blessing Mary Ocheido, a physically challenged pharmacist, who complained about people trying to erase her identity and replace it with her husband’s.

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Blessing tied the knot recently and took to Facebook to bemoan losing her surname and state of origin all because she got married. She also averred that there would be no head in their marriage and their kids will bear both her surname and that of her husband’s.

Reacting to this, Samline took a swipe at woke feminists saying, “A woman has no religion, surname, permanent home until she gets married. But I don’t know about our woke feminists.”

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