“There are good and bad people in every religion. Face the culprits, not their region or religion” – Reno Omokri tells Nigerians

Reno Omokri turns down lady who asked him for Financial Assistance because she didn’t address him with respect

Former Presidential aide and activist, Reno Omokri has warned Nigerians against calling Islam a bad religion due to the actions of some bad Muslims.

Reno gave this warning in a post shared on his Instagram page on Thursday, May 12, while addressing those berating Islam after a female student of a College of Education in Sokoto state was gruesomely killed and burnt by her colleagues over a “blasphemous” statement she made.

Reacting, Reno told Nigerians to castigate the culprits who murdered the young girl, and not the religion because there are good Muslims. According to him, there are good and bad people in all religions and people should face the culprits, not their religion.

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 Reno Omokri tells

He then referenced the Fulani Islami cleric who saved 262 Christians in June 2018 in Plateau State, by hiding them in his mosque.

Sharing a photo of the cleric, Reno wrote,

“All of you saying Northern Muslims are bad and barbaric have forgotten that a Northern Fulani Muslim, Imam Abubakar Abdullahi, saved the lives of hundreds of Christians on June 23, 2018. There are good and bad people in every religion. Face the culprits, not their region or religion!

Deborah’s murder over alleged blasphemy is condemnable. However, do not get carried away. Mind your utterances. Let us blame the perpetrators, not Muslims and Northerners.”

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 Reno Omokri tells

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