“Doesn’t drink, smoke or womanize” – Lady causes a huge stir as she reveals the qualities she wants in her future partner

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A Nigerian lady has sparked a significant buzz on social media after she revealed the qualities she desires in her ideal partner.

The lady, who goes by the handle @misspinksy_ on the microblogging platform X, shared the list publicly after her friend said she would never find a man with those qualities in Nigeria.

According to the list, the lady wants a tall, dark-skinned, kind, loving man who attended an Ivy League university and doesn’t drink, smoke or womanize.

He must also have an impeccable fashion sense, be physically fit, and wealthy, and not raise his voice even when he is angry. He must also be willing to have sex daily.

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The list has caused a huge stir on social media, with many asking her to create her own man because she would never find someone who embodies all the qualities.

Her tweet reads,

“A male friend asked me to list what I want in a husband, his response was “I think it’s too steep, there’s not a man like that esp in Nigeria, don’t set yourself up”

My ideal checklist
– Has all the character traits in 1 Corinth 13:4-8
– 6 feet, 4 inches tall
– Well educated (Stanford/Oxford/AUN/CU grad), and knows a bit about renaissance art, cars, policy making, literature, a cinephile, economics/science and tech.
– Caramel or espresso skinned, no beards
– Comes from old money, making new money
– Doesn’t drink, smoke or womanize
– Must play a sport (soccer, tennis, golf, football, basketball. Gym moderately like once a week)
– Loves to travel, unique fashion sense
– Expressive, soft, doesn’t raise his voice above 50 decibels even when upset
*bonus points if he’s willing to have sex every day”

See her tweet below;

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