Girl Commits Suicide after being bullied by Teacher

Girl commits Suicide after being bullied by Teacher

An 18-year-old Grade pupil at Vorentoe High School committed suicide at her home in Klipspruit, South Africa after allegedly being bullied by a teacher.

Nicole Mnguni took her own life on Tuesday, January 8,  after returning from the school to fetch her report, which they allegedly refused to give to her.

She left a note which details the alleged abuse by the teacher. She also stated she wanted peace and to be with her father.

Mnguni is said to have been a victim of harassment and bullying by her teacher, and the school is aware of the case but had allegedly not taken any action to address the case.

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Girl commits Suicide after being bullied by Teacher

Her mother, Jessica Mnguni is demanding justice. She told Soweto Urban she could see that her child’s self-esteem was dead.

“Nicole is so bubbly but that woman killed her self-esteem, so she couldn’t take it. There was a time I went to the school, this teacher asked, are you Nicole’s mother?
“I said yes… She said your child, I was even shouting at her, she’s not doing well in class. I don’t know why she doesn’t drop it, and she’s not going to be anybody in life. I am not hurt, I am finished.”

Her friend, Mmathabo Makibelo, described her as an amazing soul who had a vision.

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Read her suicide note below:

Girl commits Suicide after being bullied by Teacher

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