Rob Kardashian reveals he’s Crushing on Alexis Skyy

Rob Kardashian reveals he’s Crushing on Alexis Skyy

Rob Kardashian has shown that he is crushing on Alexis Skyy, as the reality TV star has just posted her photo of SnapChat and saying she is WCW.

It now appears to be that the love may not be one-sided as sources close to Alexis also reveals that she saw Rob’s Snapchat, and she’s definitely feeling him too.

In fact, Skyy was so open to hanging with Rob, she was reportedly at his house just a few hours after he posted the tribute to her.

Seems like Rob has had a thing for Alexis for a while. He captioned the Snap,


Rob Kardashian reveals he’s Crushing on Alexis Skyy

Alexis is already trying to make nice with the Kardashian clan. After Rob’s post, she started following Kris, Kim, Kendall, Kylie and Kourtney on IG.

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Rob Kardashian reveals he’s crushing on Alexis Skyy

The timing of Rob’s post is super interesting because Alexis and Chyna had major beef over the weekend.

Considering Rob rarely posts on social media these days, it seems like he broke his silence simply to stick it to his ex.

Rob and Chyna are locked in a bitter child support war, but Alexis seems willing and able to step into the middle of it.

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