Teenager arrested for allegedly insulting Ugandan President

Teenager arrested for allegedly insulting Ugandan president

A 19-year-old teenager has been arrested by the police in Gomba District for allegedly insulting Ugandan president, Yoweri Museveni.

Joseph Kasumba, a resident of Kanoni Town and the driver of a pickup truck that transports agricultural produce to markets in the area was arrested for allegedly abused the president on January 1.

The suspect was said to have abused the president as he traveled from St. John’s Cathedral, Kasaka, where he had attended a New Year’s church service.

“When his convoy reached Kanoni Town, Special Forces Command soldiers reportedly ordered one of the drivers to move his vehicle from the road to allow the presidential motorcade to pass,” said a police source who did not want to be named because he’s not authorised to speak to the media.

“That was when a group of youth allegedly led by Kasumba started exchanging words with the soldiers and abused President Museveni, calling him all sorts of names including Bosco. They also accused him of constructing narrow roads.”

Gomba District police commander Robert Kuzaara said Mr. Kasumba was in their custody at Kanoni Police Station and that a probe was opened.

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He said the suspect is likely to be charged with alarming, annoying and ridiculing the person of the president contrary to the Penal Code Act.

Mr. Kasumba is not the first person to get in trouble for allegedly attacking the president.

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