#BBNaija 2020: Erica, Kidd Waya, Ozo & Tolani Baj get Strike from Big Brother

#BBNaija 2020: Erica, Kidd Waya, Ozo & Tolani Baj get Strike from Big Brother

Big Brother has finally returned after a week silence and his return is not pleasurable to the housemates as he came back with punishments which he gave all the housemates.

Erica and Ozo were punished for whispering in the house, hence, they were issued 1 strike each. Erica, Tolani Baj and Kidd Waya were issued 1 strike each for flouting the Head of House lounge rules. Additionally, Tolani Baj and Erica were instructed not to participate in the next Head of House challenge and they can’t be picked as Deputy HOH. Kidd, on the other hand, was barred from participating in the HOH for 2 weeks which mean he won’t be HOH or DHOH for the next 3 weeks.

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Erica now has 2 strikes while Ozo, Kidd and Tolani have 1 strike each. 2 more strikes for Kidd, Ozo and Tolani and that means they will be disqualified while 1 more strike for Erica means it is an automatic disqualification.

Big Brother also extended the punishment to all the housemates, he informed them that they incessantly flout the house rules so they have lost their wager for this week, hot water will no longer be available in the house and they must not use the kettle to boil water.

12 Responses

  1. Shamzee Girlie says:

    Wow,i luv u biggy

  2. Ericsson79 says:

    Biggie it’s too much for participants.

  3. Uche Utomi says:

    Very good

  4. Geebe theophilus says:

    After Kidd take responsibility for discharging your whole duty , instead of giving him a warning you decided to punish him heavily…….haba biggie

  5. Edidiong Daniel says:

    That’s good biggie I support

  6. Wow that’s awesome ? biggy

  7. atinuke says:

    Erica wid learn how to face her primary assignment inside the house!

  8. Matachi says:

    Nice biggie show Erica pepper

  9. Jane says:

    Interesting, thanks biggie.

  10. Oladipo olakunle says:


  11. Williams says:

    Erica was in the H. O. H lounge till 3am

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