“Why are you speaking now that a child has died?” – Nigerian mum attacks ex-Dowen college counsellor after he said boarding students are not well monitored (Video)

“Why are you speaking now that a child has died?” - Nigerian mum attacks ex-Dowen college counsellor after he said boarding students are not well monitored (Video)

A mother of a Dowen College student recently tackled a former counsellor of the school after he said boarding students are not well monitored.

The exchange occurred during a Zoom meeting facilitated by concerned parents of students of the school and Educators network, in the wake of the death of 12-year-old student of the school, Sylvester Oromoni.

“Why are you speaking now that a child has died?” - Nigerian mum attacks ex-Dowen college counsellor after he said boarding students are not well monitored (Video)

It can be recalled that Sylvester passed away on Tuesday, November 30, after he was allegedly bullied by his schoolmates in the hostel.

Speaking in the Zoom meeting, a former counsellor who joined the conversation said the students are always left unattended to in the hostel.

His words,

“I worked at Dowen college for several years. One of the problems we have with most of the boarding houses today is that the structures are not purpose built for boarding houses. I might be referring to Dowen college.

In a situation where you have several floors and no floor has a house parent monitoring the students. By the time you hear a sound and you go upstairs, the seniors have changed the story. That’s exactly what happened at Dowen college.

From the first day they moved most the students from a hired building into a permanent hostel, it was a time bomb waiting. Eventually I resigned because of that situation. The children are not well monitored”

However, as he was speaking, an aggrieved mother interrupted him and slammed him for just speaking up now that a child has died.

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She also claimed her child was subjected to a similar treatment that Sylvester was subjected to, and almost died.

“I am sorry to say. Why are you saying it now that Sylvester has died? Why did you not say it since. Why are you saying it now? My child was bullied and almost died in Dowen college. Why did you not speak out then? A child has died now. You saw these things for nine years and then you left the school.

My son is a victim. They did exactly what they did to that boy. They put of the light. They beat him. They carried a box on his head.” she said amidst tears

Speaking further, the aggrieved mum said,

“The thing that they did to Sylvester Oromoni, they did it to my son. They entered the room. They put off the light. Seven of them who brought my son to kneel down. They put a suitcase on his head. They were dancing round him like an occultic gathering. They were beating him at the same time. They took out a phone, They recorded it. That video is online somewhere. And you are telling me that you left Dowen because of the bullying. Why did you not say it so that people would not make the mistake of taking our children..I have been crying since on Thursday when I saw this video. I have not eaten. I have not drank. I have not slept. A child has died. That boy was 11 years. Same age with my son. It could have been my son that died. I was lucky. Sylvester wasn’t lucky.

You are saying this now having observed this thing for nine years. What basis are you talking? On what grounds are you talking? They give security man in Dowen college ATM to go and withdraw N50, 000 and they begin to spend the money. Children would spend money. The children call security men by their names.”

She added that the boy’s hostel in Dowen College lacks discipline but the female hostel is more sane because of a ‘lady called Celine’.

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Her words,

“The only grace the girls hostel has is because of a lady called Celine. She is the woman in girls hostel. You cannot bully in girls hostel in Dowen college. But you see the boys hostel, that third floor is the den where they commit the havoc. These children are bad. Everything Sylvester Oromoni said is the truth. They should arrest Ahmed and Valentine. These are the housekeepers.

“The principal told me that she saw my son’s video of being bullied but she did not think it was important to act because they had not posted it online. She saw it and slept on it. And you are telling me that you knew and you people allowed us to be bringing our children. You collect three million for school fees and you cannot mount CCTV cameras.”

Watch a video from the zoom meeting below,

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