“I have an issue with gay Christians who believe the Bible/Christianity is not against homosexuality” – Bolu Okupe says

Doyin Okupe’s son fires back at IG user who said he would have been a corpse in Kenya for coming out as a gay man

Nigerian fitness model, Bolu Okupe has stated that he has a problem with gay Christians who believe the Bible is not against homosexuality.

Bolu Okupe says

The 28-year-old son of former presidential aide, Doyin Okupe, who came out as gay in January 2021, took to Twitter to share his reservation about such people.

According to him, he has a problem with gay Christians who make attempts to convince him that Christianity is in support of homosexuality when it is clearly against it.

He wrote on Saturday, March 21, “I don’t have an issue with Gay Christians. I have an issue with Gay Christians who try to convince me that Christianity / The Bible is not opposed to homosexuality when it clearly is.”

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Bolu Okupe says

His tweet has elicited different reactions from netizens who tried to explain that the Bible is subject to the interpretation of the reader, hence why some people interpret it to be in support of homosexuality.

@effodu wrote, “Bible is mostly resolved to interpretation since its a text from 4K yrs ago. Plus it is not a perfect doc (parts were edited, removed..).”

@MysticDave_ wrote, “Honestly on my part, I know the written word. And I choose to ignore the part that condemned me….
After all, let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”

@DomadiJohn wrote, “Also, It is important people study the bible for themselves and not depend on a so-called “pastor” to feed their minds. The bible was written In an era when it was a norm to discriminate (think of the term “gentile). But it doesn’t apply to this day and age.”

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