Lady narrates how her gateman confessed to her husband about their secret affairs

Working class lady blows hot on her unemployed boyfriend after discovering that he “squandered” her money (Screenshots)

A lady has taken to social media to share her heartbreaking experience with her husband who found out she slept with the gateman.

Sharing the story, the lady who pleaded anonymity said,

“My husband dealt with me after he caught me cheating on him. You won’t believe what that man did to me.

About three months ago, he lied to me that he was going on a business trip. I didn’t know at first that he was lying but after some days, I discovered that he actually went to see his side chick.

This man spent about a month with her and left me at home s*x starving and lonely. I was pissed and decided to spend time with gateman. I gave him N100k and he agreed to be with me for all the days my hubby was out.

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Just last month, my husband came back from the supposed business trip. As he got back, he found out that the gateman helped him get some things done at his office without asking, and he decided to appreciate him.

He gave him money to pay school fees for all his children and this foolish gateman without anyone asking began to confess everything we did together.

I just dey inside the house dey melt. I was watching my husband’s reaction as the gateman said everything in tears.

My husband later left the gate and headed to the house. I ran inside bathroom panting and shaking like a 2-year-old. Next thing I heard was “honey…. where are you?”

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Hian. Honey kwa? I answered and he asked if I wanted to go out. I said no. He said do I want anything? I said no. He said he wants to make me happy. I said baby I’m happy.

All through that night, I was not myself. He’d ask me, why are you uncomfortable? I said my teeth is paining me…… He said sorry you will be fine.

He was acting cool with me as if nothing happened, only for me to find out months later that this yeye husband of mine went to my phone gallery, took all my unclad photos and shared them on group chats. This is for a sin that he also committed with his side chick. I feel so useless right now”.

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