Woman receives a Range Rover from husband as push present for giving birth to boys (Video)

Woman receives a Range Rover from husband as push present for giving birth to boys (Video)

A lady has taken to social media to flaunt the expensive gift she received from her husband as a push present for giving birth to boys.

The pregnant woman, who already has three sons two from her previous marriage, shared a video of herself taking delivery of the Range Rover gifted by her husband.

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According to her, her caucasian husband presented her with the new car as a token of appreciation for giving birth to their sons. She also expressed her gratitude to him for the thoughtful gift.

“POV: Your husband gets you a Range Rover for birthing his sons. Thank you, hubby,” she captioned the post on Tuesday, October 3.

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The video has since stirred mixed reactions online, with some expressing disapproval of the soundtrack in which she mentioned that she can’t give birth ‘for free’.

Read some comments as you scroll,

 wrote, “I am so happy for you a lot of people don’t get to feel this type of love congratulations to you and your family ❤️

@dasiy_skyy wrote, “You are a very lucky woman. And you look great pregnant!! You go, girl !!!”

@tmichelle1029 wrote, “The angry folk never received a gift PERIOD… Let alone a push gift… Mad at how another woman’s husband spoils her!!!!! SMFH”

 wrote, “I ain’t even mad at her! This is how women should be living anyway! We ain’t birthing babies and keeping you happy just so we still end up doing every stereotypical roll women do plus have to work and pay for half of everything while they just woke and get us pregnant and we not be treated as Queens while we treat our husbands like Kings!”

Watch the video below;


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