7 type of Students You will meet during an Examination in Nigeria

7 type of Students You will meet during an Examination in Nigeria

Writing an exam is a mandatory event in schools in order for students to move to the next level in their education.

This hilarious article is to remind us of the various set of students we met during the days in school, it will also remind some of the type of students they were back in school and for some it will reveal the category of students to watch out for during their next exam. The list below doesn’t in any way justify how exams are written in all schools in Nigeria.

In this article, we will be discussing the different type of students you will meet in an Examination Hall in Nigeria. We will be focusing on tertiary university exams for better clarification.

The ‘I too know’: these are the set of brilliant students who have confidence in themselves and are sure that their preparations will not fail them on the D day. These set of students are not bothered about sitting arrangements nor are they worried if they are positioned to sit in the front of the hall. They are that sure of themselves. These are students that stand in front when the lecturers are matching the students into the examination hall.

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The ‘gang’: this consist of a group of students who have a preplanned arrangement to sit together in order to exchange ideas in the hall. The arrangement is called ‘formation‘. These groups are of two kinds; there is the group in which every member of the group have something to offer and there is the kind of group in which there are a server and receivers. The server being the brilliant student that serve others answers to questions in the exam hall.

The ‘ideas’: these are set of mostly average students who are not over-dependent on another student for their exam success, they are prepared but sometimes they don’t know it all or just forget some of the questions. All they need from the brilliant student that is willing to help is point and they will develop their answer.

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The ‘dubbers’: these are students who didn’t prepare for the exam so all they want is to sit beside someone who prepared. These students don’t need ‘idea‘, they need the full answer from the answer booklet of another student.

The ‘not so lucky’: these students are mostly part of a ‘gang’ that was mentioned above but because of ill-luck they get left behind by their ‘gang’ or was separated by a lecturer. They are lost in the exam hall as they are fully dependent on their ‘gang’. This set of students are the one you see moving around trying all they can to get to their ‘formation‘.

The ‘Boy is good: these are the type students that crave the attention of lecturers during the exam. They are mostly above average students but they are showoffs. Some of these students even ask for additional booklets just to prove that they know what they are doing.

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The ‘easy going’: these type of students are hardly noticed that is if they are noticed at all. They sit on their own, answer their questions and leave the hall like no one is watching. They mostly get the highest mark when results are released.

The nickname we called the students are mainly because of their characters in the examination hall, they might have a different nickname in your school.

Do you still know some set of students we didn’t mention? Comment below.

Which category do you fall into? Comment below.

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