Bisi Alimi explains why he’s a Great Man

Bisi Alimi writes open letter to Nigerian women, tells them to be ‘bold and assertive’

Bisi Alimi turns 44 today, January 17. The gay rights advocate shares the same birth date with Michelle Obama and Muhammad Ali, and he had something to say about it.

Bisi wrote:

Lets put this into perspective, @MichelleObama was born 10 years before me, Muhammed Alli, 33 years before, James Earl Jones 44 years before. These people were all born on Jan 17th. See why I am a great man? ?

Sharing his tweet to Instagram, he wrote:

If you know you know…… I. AM. STILL. BISI. ALIMI! One of the greatest!

Bisi Alimi explains why he's a Great Man

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