Nigerian Video Vixen, Vitamin Wendy is not Dead

Nigerian Video Vixen, Vitamin Wendy is not Dead

Nigerian video vixen, Vitamin Wendy is not dead, she has come out in a new video to reveal what actually transpired between her and boyfriend, Best.

Yesterday, LP reported that Vitamin Wendy allegedly bled to death after she was used for a ritual by her boyfriend, Best.

This was according to a recent chat she had with a friend before her death, she said in the chat that she dreamt she was bleeding and was told, in the dream, that her boyfriend had used her for a ritual.

In the chat, she revealed that when she woke up, she discovered that she was bleeding, prompting her to call her pastor, who confirmed that Best had indeed used her.

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After the news went viral yesterday, her boyfriend, Jide Best immediately reacted and claimed the chats was false, as Wendy is very much alive, but pretended to be dead so they could extort money from him.

Well, according to a new video posted on her Instagram page, Vitamin Wendy is well and alive. Seems after all that she faked her death.

Wendy said in the video that she is well and alive while accusing her boyfriend of being a ritualist. She said the post that she is dead wasn’t a prank but meant to distract Jide Best.

You can watch the video below;

She also made a post on her Instagram page in which she called out Jide Best. She wrote while posting his picture;

God damn ritualist…you making mouth to come to Lagos today…guy…come we are waiting for you…if you will not run mad

Vitamin Wendy’s Instagram account has grown by almost 250% in the last 24 hours, and it seems the whole drama is telling on her follow base.

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