#SurvivingRKelly: Celine Dion reportedly pulling R.Kelly Collab ‘I’m Your Angel’ from Streaming Services

#SurvivingRKelly: Celine Dion reportedly pulling R.Kelly Collab ‘I’m Your Angel’ from Streaming Services

Celine Dion is reportedly pulling R.Kelly collab ‘I’m Your Angel’ from streaming services, as confirmed by TMZ.

Celion Dion who joined the growing list of artists who want nothing to do with R. Kelly is reportedly in the process of yanking Dion and Kelly’s Grammy-nominated 1998 duet “I’m Your Angel,” which Kelly also produced and wrote, from all streaming services. This is coming after the song went No. 1 on Billboards Hot 100 for six weeks.

Recall also that Lady Gaga also removed her Kelly collab “Do What U Want (With My Body)” from streaming services, sharing a statement that she supported Kelly’s alleged victims and that the song was a result of unresolved trauma from her own sexual assault as a teenager.

“If I could go back and have a talk with my younger self I’d tell her to go through the therapy I have since then,” she said.

‘I stand behind these women 1000%, believe them, know they are suffering and in pain, and feel strongly that their voices should be heard and taken seriously,’ shared Gaga on Twitter, adding that she was ‘sorry, both for my poor judgment when I was young, and for not speaking out sooner’.

The Ignition singer is accused of holding five women in a ‘sex cult’, as well as having sexual contact with girls as young as 14. R Kelly has strongly denied these allegations. He has since become a trending topic across different platforms since the airing of Surviving R Kelly, a six-part Lifetime docu-series recounting the multiple allegations of physical, mental and emotional abuse by the singer towards various women over the last 20 years.

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R Kelly’s attorney Steve Greenberg denied any allegations of wrongdoing by his client but did confirm during an appearance on Good Morning America that Kelly, real name Robert, married singer Aaliyah when she was a minor.

Asked if his client had ever in a relationship with a woman who was below the age of consent, Greenberg replied that Kelly ‘absolutely’ denied being with an underage girl.

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  1. Trish says:

    I am a survivor of childhood molestation. I am not sure how it goes with R Kelly and things like that. But I do know that beautiful songs like I am your angel it has helped a lot of people. Artist work is one thing and their personal behavior is another for example Michael Jackson.

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